INFJ and ESFJ: Compatibility, Love, Marriage, and Romance

The supportive INFJ and the protective ESFJ are intuitive personality types who have the ability to read each other’s emotions with astounding accuracy. With ESFJ’s attention to detail and INFJ’s creative energy, these two work very well together and can create deep emotional connections that reinforce and strengthen their bond. Compatibility Mutual understanding and connectivity … Read more

ESFJ Careers: Jobs for the Caregiver to Seek and Avoid

ESFJs are helpers who are sensitive to the needs of others. Their personality types are suitable for an array of different careers. ESFJs come with many advantages and disadvantages that present themselves in different ways in the workplace. Read on to discover what careers ESFJs would thrive in and what careers they would be better … Read more

ESFJ Cognitive Functions: Primary and Shadow Functions of the Caregiver Personality Type

An ESFJ personality is one of the 16 personalities established by Myers and Briggs. You may be familiar with ESFJ being referred to as a consul, caregiver, guardian, or provider. But did you know that, in addition to these generalizations, an ESFJ has cognitive functions that can definitively explain their personality? An ESFJ has four primary functions: extroverted feeling, introverted sensing, extroverted intuition, and introverted thinking. The first … Read more