ESTJ and INFP: Compatibility, Love, Marriage, and Romance

Few Myers-Briggs personality pairings have as little in common as the ESTJ/INFP couple. From how they communicate to what they value, ESTJs and INFPs could hardly be more different; still, partners in an ESTJ/INFP have much to offer one another. Each can broaden the other’s perspective and help them avoid blindspots particular to their personality. … Read more

ESFJ and INFP: Compatibility, Love, Marriage, and Romance

The loyal and hospitable ESFJ and the quiet, empathetic INFP create a strong bond rooted in authenticity and friendship. Their compassion toward others and ability to read people’s emotions mean they can work through any communication issues that arise within their relationship.     I. Compatibility ESFJ and INFP are highly compatible and can enjoy … Read more

INFP and INTJ: Compatibility, Love, Marriage, and Romance

Although INFP and INTJ are both introverted, they have their fair share of unique differences that can cause tension within their relationship. INFP’s altruism and INTJ’s pragmatic mindset often puts them at odds with one another. Open communication and a willingness to understand each other will help this couple maintain strong, healthy bonds over the … Read more

INFP Cognitive Functions: Functional Stack of the Idealist

Each MBTI personality type, including INFP, has four different Cognitive Functions that define the personality type. In the simplest of terms, Cognitive Functions outline the way one processes and makes decisions. These are the way a person thinks, learns, and remembers. It is interesting to discover the different Myers-Briggs personality types and identify how you … Read more

INFP Women: Key Traits of Women with the Idealist Personality Type

INFP women are somewhat mysterious and hard to read. With this being so, there are still some prominent personality traits that most INFP women share. Creative, curious, and kind, INFPs are this world’s healers and mediators. However, their reserved yet compassionate nature gives them away. Any Myers-Briggs personality type can be hard to understand. The … Read more