ENFP Compatibility: Romantic Relationships, Love, and Dating

The ENFP personality type is generally able to identify with all personality types because they are highly empathetic. They are creative problem-solvers who enjoy helping others find solutions for their problems.

ENFPs tend to avoid conflict whenever possible and prefer to look for mutually beneficial solutions to disputes with others. Their nature makes ENFPs exceptionally devoted to those who share their lives.

Which Personality Types are Most Compatible with ENFP?

The two personalities that are the best matches for an ENFP are the INFJ and the INTJ. While it appears that these pairings have little in common, the personality types are both able to grow and learn from each other. Additionally, their strengths and weaknesses complement each other very well.

Which Personality Types are Least Compatible with ENFP?

An ISTP makes the worst match with an ENFP. The two personality types struggle to communicate. Because the ENFP enjoys pondering the whys of a situation and other abstract ideas, they do not have much interest in the concrete reality-oriented ways of the ISTP. The ISTP does not highly esteem ENFPs energetic and empathic traits.

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ENFP Relationships

ENFPs are devoted and put a significant amount of effort into their relationships. Their warm and caring nature often draws people to them, but some personality types feel overwhelmed by the amount of attention an ENFP directs their way.

What an ENFP Looks for in a Relationship

ENFPs are highly in tune with their own emotions and the emotions of others. When considering a romantic partner, they typically want someone who has a high level of emotional awareness.

The ENFP personality tends to become easily bored with routine and predictable activities. They usually want a partner who has a great sense of fun and enjoys adventure and creativity.

ENFPs take commitments very seriously, and they expect the same kind of fidelity from their significant others.

What an ENFP Needs in a Relationship

ENFP personality types do best with significant others who:

  • Can express emotions and share deep feelings
  • Enjoy breaks from routine
  • Will affirm their ENFP
  • Appreciate the ENFPs childlike enthusiasm and buoyancy
  • Are able to keep their commitments
  • Can talk through problems kindly and considerately

What an Ideal Relationship for an ENFP Looks Like

ENFPs place an extremely high level of importance on their relationships. When they care for someone, they often wear their heart on their sleeve. It is very typical for an ENFP to go to great lengths in order to express their affection to their partner.

Ideally, an ENFP will find a partner who can either reciprocate or, at the least, appreciate these facets of an ENFP relationship. They will thrive in a situation where their partner expresses admiration and affection and enjoy being with someone who can join in on their quest for fun and excitement.

How an ENFP Acts in Relationships

While very flirtatious and social when single, an ENFP puts their whole heart into their relationships. They have a strong desire to build up their partner and make their life better, as personal growth and fulfilment are essential to ENFPs.

Some ENFPs can overwhelm a partner with their large and frequent displays of love, especially if the ENFP has a more profound stake in the relationship than their partner.

ENFPs find confrontation and disagreements nearly intolerable and will turn themselves inside out to keep everything smooth and pleasant. When pushed into unpleasantness, ENFPs may try to deny their own feelings to keep the peace.

What a Bad Relationship for an ENFP Looks Like

Because ENFPs thrive on affirmation, a relationship that is either fraught with criticism or even simply lacking in compliments is usually quite unpleasant for an ENFP. Even if their significant other does not mean to say something hurtful, ENFPs are easily wounded.

A partner who clings to routine and prefers not to experience change or adventure will dampen the spirits of an ENFP. Likewise, if a partner ridicules the ENFP for their overflowing exuberance, they will be emotionally wounded by the comments.

ENFPs can have serious problems in relationships where their affection is not reciprocated or their partner is unwilling to share their emotions.

Partners who stonewall or even hide how they feel are problematic and upsetting to ENFPs. They need partners who can communicate emotions and express appreciation for all of the loving gestures that ENFPs are adept at offering to their significant other.

ENFP Love/Romance

ENFP personality types take their emotions and the emotions of others very seriously. Nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to love and romantic liaisons. An ENFP brings all of their vast enthusiasm, sense of fun, and deep devotion to their romantic relationships.

ENFP Males in Love

The ENFP man makes his affections known by showering the object of his affection with compliments, little surprises, and attention. Because ENFPs are highly aware of their emotions, they tend to be very expressive and dive head-first into new relationships.

In spite of their reputations as potentially unfaithful partners, ENFP men are faithful in their relationships. Part of this is due to the fact that commitments are incredibly significant to the ENFP. Sometimes their motives are misunderstood, and others (including their partners) believe their flirtatious behavior is an invitation.

ENFP men do not make a habit of sharing their deep and private feelings with everyone they meet. If an ENFP shares his emotions with someone, that person is quite exceptional.

ENFP Females in Love

An ENFP woman in love will lavish the object of her affection with every good thing possible. She is so giving and intuitive that the ENFP woman often senses her partner’s needs before the partner is aware of their own needs.

While the warm and giving nature of an ENFP woman in love is charming and attractive to some, others may feel overwhelmed and even smothered by all of the attention.

Because she tunes in to others’ emotions and needs, an ENFP woman will frequently put her partner’s needs ahead of her own. She may quietly hope that her significant other will reciprocate in kind and is wounded when this expectation goes unfulfilled.

The ENFP woman is often reluctant to share her deepest feelings with others. As a result, she may feel alone and not understood by her partner. She is highly devoted to those she loves as her natural bent is an all or nothing personality.

How an ENFP Knows They are in Love

Typically, an ENFP knows they are in love when they are able to share the deepest parts of themselves and allow themselves to be known. ENFPs are so warm and caring that most people are not aware that they have another world inside them.

It is not an exaggeration to say that relatively few people really know the ENFP in their lives. Feeling safe and sharing their secret selves is a sure way for ENFPs to realize they are in love.

How an ENFP Shows Love

ENFPs are skilled at making others feel cared for and special. When they are in love, they show it in several ways, including:

  • Openly expressing feelings of love
  • Sharing their true selves
  • Devoting their time and energy to making their partner feel loved
  • Encouraging their partner to join in on their adventures
  • Working to meet their partners’ needs
  • Complimenting and emotionally build up their partner
  • Acting with honesty and fidelity

ENFP Love Language

Because ENFPs are skilled at verbally expressing their feelings, it is no surprise to find that words of affirmation are the top love language of the ENTP. In second place for the ENFP is quality time. This makes sense considering the effort ENFPs put into making others feel loved.

Does an ENFP Fall in Love Easily?

ENFP personality types fall in love hard and fast. Their spontaneous nature and sense of fun reduce inhibition when it comes to love.

Unfortunately, leaping before looking does not always serve the ENFP’s best interest. They frequently get hurt when a relationship does not go as they hoped or when a romance falls apart.

How to Make an ENFP Fall in Love

While it is not quite possible to force someone to fall in love, here are a few qualities and behaviors that ENFPs adore.

  • A person who is in touch with their feelings pleases an ENFP
  • ENFP’s can hardly resist a person with a strong intellect who can discuss contentious topics without wavering or taking offence
  • Someone to join in on adventures and outings
  • A partner with a great sense of fun who does not mind a bit of silliness
  • A person who will offer compliments

How to Love an ENFP Long Term

An understanding of an ENFP’s needs is vital to making a long-term relationship work. An ENFP’s significant other may become worn out by what they see as needy behavior.

Offering an enthusiastic response to something an ENFP does as well as remembering to give the ENFP praise and compliments will help take the edge off of the needy feeling that tends to follow ENFPs like a shadow.

Being gentle and constructive with any criticism are essential skills for any ENFP partner to grasp. Because they wear their hearts on their sleeves, ENFPs acutely feel any criticism and take it to heart. When this happens often enough, the ENFP begins to retreat behind protective walls, which can put a significant strain on a relationship.

Is an ENFP Romantic?

ENFPs are very romantic. They love to give and receive a variety of touching niceties like compliments, gifts, and tokens of affection.

ENFPs eagerly display their affection while dating.

Their ability to tune into others’ emotions help ENFPs position themselves to offer romantic gestures. These are not always material goods; an ENFP is just as likely to offer their significant other a loving massage or a special dinner as they are flowers or jewelry. They often feel sharing adventures with their partner to be wonderfully romantic as well.

Is an ENFP a Good Lover?

ENFPs are usually exciting lovers open to experimenting, as long as their strong morals are not opposed to the activity. The giving nature of the ENFP shines through during acts of physical intimacy, as they need to please their partner as much (or even more) than they want to experience pleasure themselves.

The ENFP has a creative mind that is always hard at work looking for fun and adventure. This applies to sex as well as other aspects of the ENFP’s life.

ENFP Dating

Dating an ENFP can be a grand adventure full of life, love, and the occasional bit of spontaneity. The warm, charming, charismatic ENFPs love building up others and expressing their devotion to those they love.

ENFP Dating Personality

Naturally charming and outgoing, ENFPs love to take part in new activities and dislike routines. They approach dating as they do most things, with a childlike wonder and an infectious enthusiasm that allures others.

However, when an ENFP is in a relationship where they feel extremely comfortable, they are content to spend time with their partner enjoying being together.

They love to be in the middle of something fresh and exciting, whether it is taking part in an activity or engaging in an intellectually stimulating conversation. As long as they can enjoy time with their significant other, ENFPs are generally very flexible while they can find something of interest in a situation.

What Type of Person does an ENFP Usually Date?

ENFPs are frequently attracted to those who can hold their own in intellectual conversations. Their love of new and exciting things makes people with mental prowess very attractive to an ENFP.

This personality type attracts many different kinds of personalities. However, some lack the innovation to keep an ENFP interested, and others believe the ENFP to be too boisterous or needy.

Whomever they choose to date, ENFPs make devoted, caring, and loving partners who put their own needs second to the needs of their significant others.

What Type of Person SHOULD an ENFP date?

ENFPs do well to date those who enjoy their effervescent personalities and appreciate their devotion without being overwhelmed. A partner who sees their need for reassurance and compliments for what it is (self-doubt) and not as a needy form of vanity will likely enjoy a happy and healthy relationship with an ENFP.

Additionally, an intelligent person keeps the ENFP interested as they enjoy intellectual conversation and respect those who can hold their own in discussions about various topics.

A partner who can give and receive care, compliments, and love can make an ENFP quite happy.

ENFP Compatibility Matches


As with any of their relationships, an ENFP will be passionately involved and spontaneous in a relationship with an ENFJ. However, this case could present some difficulties, as ENFPs prefer everything to be carefully planned, and they like to do the planning themselves! Nonetheless, these types are among the more compatible, and a relationship between an ENFP and an ENFJ is likely to be successful if they can understand each other’s differences.


A relationship between an ENFP and an INFP has obstacles as well as advantages. The two types could be said to hold identical worldviews, but there may be some points of conflict. The ENFP might find the INFP dull when the latter does not exhibit the same degree of outward spontaneity.


ENFP and ENTP are both energetic and spontaneous, so they often get along well in a relationship. However, this commonality may prevent ENTP from noticing that ENFP can be just as sensitive as they are adventurous. ENFP can thus grow displeased with ENTP’s direct and argumentative style if both types don’t take time to understand each other.


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