INFP Women: Key Traits of Women with the Idealist Personality Type

Myers-Briggs personality types can be hard to understand. It can be even more difficult to know exactly what an INFP womais thinking, feeling, and why she’s acting as she isSo you might be wondering how you figure these things out. We are here to break down the INFP personality type in women, so you have a deeper understanding of women who claim this type!

INFP Women Overview

INFP women account for five percent of all women. They tend to be self-employed or stay-at-home moms. INFP women focus on using their compassion and creativity for good, but can be a bit aloof or hard to read at times.

In this post, we will teach you all about INFP women and what specific traits they possess. You can stay tuned to read about things INFPs are likely to enjoy and the types of careers where they find the most success and satisfaction. We will also discuss the hobbies towards which INFP women tend to gravitate and how to tell if you are talking to an INFP woman.

Traits of An INFP Woman

An INFP woman is idealistic, expressive, and sensitive. She has many more defining traits, but the most prominent ones are how you will be able to recognize that you are in conversation with or understand that you are an INFP woman. Based on the Myers-Briggs personality types, INFP breaks down to: 

  • I – Introverted – Gains energy from alone time 
  • N – Intuitive  An abstract thinker 
  • F – Feeling – Decision making is based on feelings and values 
  • P – Perceiving  Love to be spontaneous and is very flexible

And these four aspects of her personality dictate how she acts in the world and how others will understand her. An INFP woman is: 

  • Compassionate 
  • Curious 
  • Empathetic 
  • Idealistic 
  • Individualistic 
  • Open-minded 
  • Reserved 
  • Sensitive

Now that you have some idea of the traits an INFP woman possesses, you can use this knowledge to help you point out INFP women in the world.

Can You Tell If You Are Talking To An INFP Woman? 

You may certainly be able to tell if you are talking to an INFP woman, but guessing anyone’s personality from a single conversation is tough. Here are some insights that more deeply illustrate an INFP woman’s personality.

You may be talking to an INFP woman if you categorize her as one of the following three popular nicknames: 

  1. The healer 
  2. The idealist 
  3. The mediator

To put it another way, you are probably talking to an INFP woman if she has any of the following traits: 

  • A healing nature 
  • A penchant for handling conflict 
  • An idealistic attitude

Now, it may still be difficult to establish if you are talking to an INFP woman just from those nicknames and traitsSo, in addition to the things above, an INFP woman is also: 

  • Authentic  
  • Autonomous  
  • Flexible 
  • Tolerant of other perspectives
  • Supportive

An INFP woman will get quite upset if you violate her boundaries, beliefs, and values. But that is not to say an INFP woman does not welcome an open discourse. She loves exchanging ideas in a balanced and harmonious manner.

INFP women are generally very tolerant of other people’s opinions, but they will not put up with disrespect.

If you are still having trouble deciphering if the woman you are talking to has an INFP personality, just ask! It is one of those get-to-know-you questions that can open up to so many other conversations.

Things INFP Women Would Likely Enjoy 

Since INFP women are artistic, spontaneous, and sensitive, there are quite a few different things they would enjoy doing when spending time with others.

The following is a table of ideas for things to do with an INFP woman: 

Things to Do  Description of Activity  Concrete Ideas 
Explore a new place, idea, or topic together INFP women are spontaneous and love learning or experiencing new things.
  • Go to a new coffee shop 
  • Try new items on the menu at your favorite restaurant  
  • Talk about a new book you read recently  
Dive into deep conversation An INFP woman craves deep and meaningful conversations. They want to get to know who you are and why you are that way. Know that an INFP woman has done a lot of self-reflection to knows who she is too.
  • Share a thoughtful anecdote about your week 
  • Ask them to talk more about something they are passionate about 
  • Discuss how self-reflection benefits both of you 
Anything related to their purpose As an INFP woman, she has a strong sense of purpose. Find out what that is and build on it together!
  • If she is career-minded, build a useful new skill together 
  • If she is a helper, set up a time to volunteer together 


Anything creative or artistic It has come up a few times now that an INFP woman is creative; use her natural talent as the starting point for trying something new or taking an art class together.
  • Go to a pottery class together 
  • Take painting lessons 
  • Go for a walk outside 
  • Try out a new dance class 

Careers for INFP Women

An INFP woman can choose whatever career calls to them most, but they may not always excel, or they may need to work hard to be successful. When they use their driving forces in careers that are meant for them, success comes naturally.

The following are the driving forces behind an INFP woman at work:

  • Caring 
  • Compassion 
  • Creativity

While these are the main forces that lead an INFP woman to choose the career she loves, many other factors could influence her final path.

Careers in which INFP Women Thrive

You may find an INFP woman in any of the following five careers: 

  1. A counselor or social worker 
  2. A designer or artist 
  3. A manager or human resources officer 
  4. A scientist or doctor 
  5. A teacher or writer
INFP women are caring, principled, and empathetic, endowing them with the potential to be great teachers.

One cool fact is that it has been found that INFP women are overrepresented in jobs like counseling or the arts. These jobs perfectly highlight the driving forces an INFP woman uses while at work. She can use her creativity and compassion as an artist or as a doctor, or anything she can imagine!

Careers in which INFP Women Struggle

If you are an INFP, you should avoid the following careers because they misalign with your personality type:

  • Dentist or nurse 
  • Electrician  
  • Engineer 
  • Judge 
  • Police or military posts 
  • Sales or finance manager

This does not mean an INFP woman can’t be successful in any of the above jobs, but it may be more difficult for her to find a fit in the work she is doing. These jobs can be draining for an INFP woman.

Popular Hobbies Among INFP Women

INFP women are very creative, so it only makes sense that this trait shines in the hobbies they enjoy! An INFP woman loves to use her artistic side as a way to relax and wind down from the stress of the workweek.

The following are six popular hobbies that many INFP women are interested in: 

  1. Creative writing 
  2. Music 
  3. Photography 
  4. Poetry 
  5. Theater 
  6. Visual arts

As you can see, these are almost all arts-based hobbies. While these are not the only hobbies an INFP woman enjoys, you are bound to notice she likes at least one creative endeavor or another.

In Summary: INFP Women Are Compassionate Idealists

An INFP woman is someone you want in your life. She is caring and always looking for the best in others. She has strict values that help guide her decisions, but she is compassionate and empathic enough to see where others are coming from when they disagree.

INFP is one of the rarer Myers-Briggs personality types, and INFP women will not let you forget it! With her special personality and love for others, an INFP woman is someone you will want to talk to for hours on end!