Introverts: Why “Quiet” Can Mean Better

There is a significant amount of the world that identifies more as an introvert than an extrovert. Introverts are often described as those who are comfortable with spending their time alone, and might be considered “shy” in various social situations.  In fact, anywhere from 25-50% of the United States population might be considered introverts, according … Read more

Friends: The Medicine You Can Enjoy

It certainly wouldn’t be a mind-blowing statement to point out that people enjoy catching up with their friends. However, there is now scientific proof that hanging out with your friends actually helps to improve your mental and emotional health. Specifically, Robin Dunbar, an Oxford psychology professor, studied the effects of friendship for a Guinness campaign. … Read more

Parents Can Control Their Children, but Psychological Control Is Dangerous

There are few things that many individuals across different cultures and countries can agree on, but most parents can agree that parenting is, simply put: difficult. There is the urge for children to achieve their own independence while simultaneously attempting to protect them from certain aspects of life until a certain age. However, there is … Read more