The Core Values Test Interpretation

If you haven’t taken the Core Values test, you can take it here:

In life, most times you’re faced with making a choice.

Imagine that this choice will define your future.

How can you prevent yourself from making a bad choice, which you will dearly regret in the future?

Let’s take an example. Your core values are 1) family 2) personal growth 3) freedom

If you are offered a promotion, with a better salary, but which means that you need to spend two more hours at work, will you accept it?

If your core values are the ones above, your best choice would be to decline the promotion offer and spend more time with your family. Choosing the money will eventually make you feel tired, unsatisfied by life and without a specific goal.

On the other hand, if you had safety or money as your main priority, you would have been better off accepting the promotion.

Another example: you have a business with multiple employees. What do you offer them: insurance, more money or free days (for traveling or for family)? Knowing their core values will help you create a healthy workplace in which your employees love working.

Honesty or friends/money/family?

  • What will you do when a friend asks you to lie in court that he had his seatbelt on? (When he may get prison time..)
  • How about when your boss wants to pay you (illegally) a much bigger salary.
  • Will you tell your grandparents that you suffered a trauma or you’d rather they wouldn’t worry about you?

I’m sure many of us see the answers to these questions in black and white. But when you are sure there’s no other answer, know that other people think the same .. about a totally different answer.

When faced with a dilemma we guide ourselves by these values to make the right choice. If we don’t know our own priorities, we’ll make choices that we’ll later regret.

Is it essential to know our core values for our personal growth?

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When you took the Core Values Test you pick 3 values from a list (which you received on your email).

These are your core values, the ones by which your behavior and way of thinking guide. The first three values on the list are your filter in life.

Now I want you to ask yourself 3 questions about your core values:

1) Do you live according to your values?

Do the people around you encourage you to live according to your values?

If your main values are freedom, independence, extreme sports, do your friends and family encourage you to be free and independent? Or do they try to keep you in a secure environment?

If the environment you live in doesn’t uphold your values there can be conflictual situations.

2) If the answer to the previous question was “NO”, how can you change the situation?

What should happen in your life so that you could start living according to your principles?

Could you change something so that you could go that way?

If so, then do it! If not, then what’s stopping you from doing it?

3) If you’d live according to your values, how would you approach life?

We all have the ideal of a “better” life. We all want our situation to be “better”, to live “better”, we want out life to change into something better, but what does this “better” mean?

What did you see change around you so as to live according to your core values and principles? Can you generate that change starting now?

When you made a choice, remember your core values and make the right choice.

When someone makes a choice you don’t agree with, find his core values and understand his choice. You don’t have to agree with him, you just have to understand him.

Don’t forget to leave a comment with the core values you got!

  • bla

    sanatate, familie, libertate

  • Iza

    Intimitate, bunastare si dezvoltare personala.

  • Stefania Apost


  • adrana

    Sensul vietii, Respect de sine (Self-esteem) si Stabilitate.

  • Stefan

    Respect de sine, Masculinitate, Dezvoltare Personala

  • Moraru Gabriel

    Calm, Bani si

  • constantin

    intelepciune, respect de sine, religie

  • Salut’are si un an nou fericit !
    1)Leadership 2) Onoare 3) Responsabilitate

    si 2 vise mari: 1: Sa fac o lume mai buna, una in care cel puternic il ajuta pe cel slab si nu profita de el. O lume in care oameni se pot intelege, apreceia si ajuta reciproc.

    2: Sa am o familie/echipa formata din cei dragi mie, alaturi de care sa pot aducel la implinire primul vis.

    • Iti multumesc de raspuns. Succes in a-ti indeplini visele!

  • Paula

    1)Sensul vietii 2)Religie 3)Familie

  • Roxi


  • Anna


  • Vlad

    ENTP – Mi se potriveste perfect. As vrea sa stiu parerea ta despre asta. Succes in tot ce intreprinzi!

  • Monica


  • Alina

    Eu sunt ESTJ.

  • Vera


  • GABI


  • Noemi

    Liniste sufleteasca, Intelepciune, Adevar

  • Sensul vietii, responsabilitate si sanatate. Oare am imbatranit…? As fi curios sa aflu topul celor mai apreciate valori. Multumesc pentru test.

    • Salut Catalin,
      Momentan proiectul e pilot dar ma gandesc sa implementez si acest lucru.

  • cecilia

    De fapt… ca sa fie bine, cele trei valori trebuie sa se sustina. S-au cel putin asa am inteles eu dupa ce am citit rezultatul testului. Multumesc!

  • Elena

    Familie , dezvoltare personala si libertate

  • sayooh

    independenta sinceritate aventura

  • Iti multumesc de mail Tudora 🙂
    Am sa mai adaug cateva teste si materiale care sa detalieze rezultatele in curand.

  • alinette

    Armonie interioara, sensul vietii si intelepciune

  • Victor

    Istj. Am aproape 100 de puncte pe J, I si E aproape una langa alta.

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  • Danaev

    sa presupunem ca valorile tale ar fi….
    Pai tocmai am facut testul : care sunt valorile?
    Plus ca testul respectiv, nu stiu cum sa zic, eu bifez ceva si apare bifat altceva, fara legatura… nu inteleg, gresesc eu undeva? Iar la pasul 2, daca debifez cele 5 valori fara de care nu as putea trai (adica cele mai importante, inteleg eu) si apoi inca 2, e logic ca cele ramase sunt cele de care m-as putea lipsi, la o adica. Si atunci ce fel de ierarhie e asta, cum sa aleg pe cea fara de care nu pot dintre cele de mare m-as putea lipsi?

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  • Cris

    Spiritualitate, Prietenie si Religie